How life sometimes is like reading a book

Someone publishes a book. It gets on your radar and it intrigues you. You find it in your go-to bookstore and make the decision to buy it. One week goes by and you finally receive it. And it’s a big one. 700 or even more pages and even weigh as much as a small dog. You see it as a challenge so you put it down and add a new task to start reading it on the weekend. Weekend comes by and you are excited to start. First page, 50th page and your excitement starts to diminish. The book is much harder to read and maybe even isn’t what you expected it to be. You put it down and schedule next weekend to continue reading. Next weekend comes by and you decide to postpone reading until next weekend. The day comes and you finally get back to reading it. You read the next 50 pages and it’s amazing and you are glad that you decided to continue.

Life sometimes is like this. You have to endure through initial hardship to get to good stuff. Don’t give up.