TOP 5 online brand guidelines tools

List of top online brand guidelines, brandbook tools to take a look at if you are thinking about starting to work on digital styleguide. Frontify Brandpad deBroom Bynder

B2B Marketing Funnel 2022

Did you know that marketing funnel was first introduced in the late 1800s. For decades marketers just like me have lived and breathed the marketing funnel. And we have seen all sorts of funnels being developed — marketing funnel, sales funnel, customer experience funnel. It seems that any department that had 5 minutes to sit down and… Continue reading B2B Marketing Funnel 2022


Recently I’ve been thinking about momentum. When do we feel that we are going somewhere? We might just do our job and our daily routines and we are thinking that we are either stuck or we are moving somewhere. How do we know which is which? Let’s imagine that we are in a train station and… Continue reading Momentum

What does the CMO role mean in 2021?

Who is CMO? Nowadays in almost every organization or startup, you will find a person in charge of marketing. That person can bear different kinds of titles — Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Marketing, Marketing Manager. This is the person who keeps the company’s vision and executable tactics in check. Making sure that the company is moving… Continue reading What does the CMO role mean in 2021?