Raitis Velps

CMO, educator
& speaker.

raitis velps

Raitis Velps is a local of the Baltic region with a global presence in the branding industry. Living life on two sides of the same coin.
1 – Chief Marketing Officer at Corebook° startup with a mission to ensure that by the year 2025 fixed-format PDF brand guidelines will have become a thing of the past.
2 – Marketing lecturer at the universities of Latvia enabling young marketing professionals to gain up-to-date key insights and knowledge.

Public speaking & podcasts

If you want people inspired and moved to action with a mix of high-level strategy and hardcore tactics, I’d love to speak at your event or podcast.

Something I realized early on: creatives and entrepreneurs want more than soft-win stories and strategy walkthroughs. Your audience deserves actionable, entertaining, and inspiring content.


  • Shred your brand guidelines
    That’s right. You heard it right. It’s time to shred your current PDF brand guidelines. In one meaning and another. Why? Short answer would be that it’s just outdated and does not serve your brand’s ever evolving needs.  Let’s take… Continue reading Shred your brand guidelines
  • Q2 ’22 reading list
    Circe by Madeline Miller 12 Rules for life by Jordan B. Peterson Cant hurt me by David Goggins The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien Never split the difference by Chris Voss
  • Letter to Ukraine
    I have been struggling to write, post, or do anything public for the last 24 hours. Because it has been more than a day now since Russia has launched an all-out attack on innocent Ukrainian people. Unimaginable horror in modern… Continue reading Letter to Ukraine
  • sha-JAN
    What a record-setting month this has been for Corebook°. We just put together our numbers for January and we have set records all over the place seeing tremendous gains and all-time highs in all the possible categories. Blasting through the gates… Continue reading sha-JAN
  • Meeting Apple Fellow Phil Schiller
    Life changing experience meeting with Apple Fellow — Phil Schiller for 1:1 mentoring call. Last year this came as personal early Christmas gift for me. And I have been waiting for this call for what seems ages. The lifechanging chance to… Continue reading Meeting Apple Fellow Phil Schiller